Ultra-low emission treatment technology for fermentation wastewater

R&D background: The key treatment technology for ultra-low emission of fermentation wastewater developed by Nanjing University is mainly applied to the advanced treatment of wastewater in the fermentation industry and the recycling and reuse. Adopting the advanced technology of “Advanced Catalytic Oxidation + Bio-Enhanced Treatment + Double Membrane Desalination”, including a new up-flow integrated bioreactor with independent intellectual property rights and a new energy-efficient internal circulation aerated biological filter, which integrates degradation of COD and decolorization. And denitrification function in one.
Process flow: After the wastewater is classified and processed in each process section of the technology, it can meet the wastewater recycling and reuse standards of different grades. The wastewater can be used for farmland irrigation after being treated by a biological moving bed reactor through a regulating tank, or can be produced by further electrocatalytic reactor and bio-enhanced reactor, after being sterilized and filtered to produce industrial water or pure water.
Technical features: This technology has developed a system analysis method for vitamin C wastewater chromophoric compounds based on Fourier infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy, which can perform high-efficiency decolorization; a new upflow integrated bio-enhanced reactor and internal circulation aeration The biofilter tower is the core bio-enhancement technology, which realizes the functions of reducing COD, decolorization and denitrification. Wastewater quality can be recovered by advanced catalytic oxidation + bio-enhancement treatment + double membrane desalination.