1/ Introduction to the research center

Jiangsu Province Fluoride Pesticide Chemical Intermediate Engineering Technology Research Center is a provincial-level engineering center established by Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group

Investment and National Pesticide Creation Engineering Technology Research Center as a technical support and approved by Jiangsu Science and Technology Commission in 2010.

Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group Jiangbian Base, a state-level high-tech development zone in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, with a construction area of more than 2,000 square meters.

The engineering center is mainly responsible for the research, development, engineering transformation and production of fluorine-containing pesticides and other intermediates.


Application areas:

 ①Research on the new process of clean production of existing pesticide intermediates, carry out research on fixed bed oxidation technology, and determine the feasibility of its application

on scale equipment through engineering technology research, reduce production cost and reduce the amount of three wastes.

②The SF4 technology was used to develop a series of synthesis techniques for fluorine-containing compounds that are difficult to synthesize conventionally, and engineering research

was carried out to realize the serialization of fluorinated products.

③Track the development trend of international pesticides, screen pesticide intermediates with market prospects, conduct process research and scale-up experiments, and make

industrialized large-scale production as soon as possible.


The "Center" has a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory and engineering research pilot plant equipped with advanced equipment and inspection equipment:

Reserch Center

2/ Service Introduction

①The engineering center process development laboratory, multi-functional pilot plant and related instruments and equipment are open to the province's enterprises, only collecting water,

electricity and other costs, supporting the technological progress and technological upgrading of fine chemical enterprises without test conditions in the province.

②To undertake the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities and research institutes inside and outside the province.

③Taking advantage of the close cooperation between the current engineering center and the foreign companies, the company will undertake foreign technology transfer and verify and

improve its technology in the engineering center.

3/ Result Introduction

1. The new process of co-production of naphthol and naphthol has completed the production of 5,000 tons/year and obtained national invention patents.

2. The pesticide intermediate of the provincial scientific and technological project, dichloronaphthoquinone, has been built into a 300-ton/year production facility. It has passed the ministerial appraisal organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and the acceptance of the provincial science and technology department. The new process has obtained

national invention patents. Formulated the national chemical industry standard and obtained the 2005 high-tech product certificate of Jiangsu Province;
3. The research and development product, FFC, has completed the pilot test. The products have been produced and applied by foreign liquid crystal products and obtained the provincial

high new product certificate.
4. Cooperated with Japan to develop a new product ODA\CD\AD-F to complete the pilot test and has already invested in scale production.
5. The research completed the new process of producing ammonium sulfate from the naphthol wastewater, established a 3000 tons/year ammonium sulfate production line, and realized

zero discharge of the naphthol production wastewater.!

4/ Introduction to research and development capabilities

While researching and developing medicines, pesticides and their intermediates, we are focusing on the new SF4 technology to synthesize fluorine-containing compounds that are difficult

to synthesize according to conventional methods.

Strengthen the industrial development of new fluorochemical synthesis, especially in the field of safety.

The synthesis of fluorine-containing compounds and the resolution of chiral compounds are carried out using enzymatic techniques.

5/ Contact us

Office Address: No. 8, Gangfang North Road, Binjiang Chemical Industry Park, Changzhou

Fax: 0519-85777827


     Xu guanghui        Tel:0519-88220673                Mobile:13951235373

     Zhou hao             Tel:0519-85777827                Mobile:13515252965

6/ Cooperation and exchange

1. Foreign cooperation

 1. In 2007-2010, cooperated with the Central Research Institute of Daiei Chemical, Japan to complete the industrialization of AD/CD/ODA products, and put the products into industrial production.

2. In 2005---2010, cooperated with Japan AGC Company to complete the synthesis and application research of sulfur tetrafluoride, built a pilot plant and formed 5 fluorinated products.

2. Domestic cooperation

 2008-2010 Cooperating with Hunan Chemical Industry Research Institute to complete the process of indoxacarb intermediate benzyl carbazate and 5-chloro-1-indanone

3. Cooperation between industry, university and research institute

 2008-2009 Cooperated with Nanjing University to complete the provincial social development project “Research on the treatment of naphthalene high-concentration organic

wastewater and “zero emission” treatment technology”