Technological innovation can't be delayed, imitation product transformation is coming soon

Since the 1950s, China's analytical instrument industry has begun to take off. With the vigorous development of national industry, the demand for analytical instrument market has become more and more vigorous. At the same time, China's support for the instrument and equipment industry has also increased, and vigorously support scientific and technological innovation, laying the foundation for the development of the scientific instrument industry.
Today, China has many outstanding achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation. High-resolution broadband and frequency vibration spectrometers, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) technology, dark matter particle detection satellites and other scientific instruments and advanced technologies are the fruits of recent years. . New products and new technologies are constantly emerging in the market. Many instrument companies have taken this opportunity to vigorously develop their brand influence, and have won the favor of consumers with excellent performance and perfect after-sales service.
Although the development of China's instrument enterprises is very rapid, objectively, the overall level of the instrument industry is generally backward. There are more than 7,000 instrument companies in China, but in so many enterprises, the annual sales volume of more than 10 million yuan is only about 1,000, and large and high-end instruments and equipment are heavily dependent on imports. Many urgently needed special instruments are still blank, and it is difficult for medium and low-end products. Quality assurance. The stagnation of innovation and the slow progress of industrialization are the bottlenecks restricting the development of China's instrument enterprises.
In addition to the overall good and bad industry, there are still many instrument companies in China that are in the stage of reference and imitation of domestic and foreign counterparts. Many imitation products do not meet the requirements in terms of performance, specifications, quality, safety, etc. These unqualified products are also endless in use, and there are serious safety hazards, which lead to industrial safety accidents, and inferior instrument imitations are not only lost. The interests of the original manufacturers have also deceived the trust of consumers. Some enterprises have vicious imitation phenomena, which disrupt the market order of the instrument industry and undermine the overall healthy development of the industry.
Therefore, while developing the instrument industry, China should also solve the phenomenon of malignant imitation. Only by ensuring the independent innovation of the instrument enterprise can the benign competition of the industry and the application safety of the consumers be guaranteed, so that users can have more confidence in the domestic instrument products, thus promoting the development of the industry.
Transformation and upgrading is the only way for every imitation instrument enterprise. This is not only the result of market self-regulation but also the inevitable development of the industry. Enterprises should face with a positive attitude, open up ideas, boldly innovate, be proactive, strengthen their technical strength and economic strength, standardize market competition, and continuously break through the instrument industry in China.
At present, it is the rapid development period of China's economy. High quality, multi-functionality, integration, automation, systemization and intelligence have become the main development trends of the instrument industry. Domestic instrument enterprises should focus on industry trends and shoulder social responsibility. Improve its own operation and management mode, improve production technology, strengthen the spirit of independent innovation, and help the development of scientific research in China!