Institutional guarantees are strengthened, instrument sharing is progressing rapidly

Capital Science and Technology Platform: Strong support for instrument sharing
The Capital Science and Technology Platform was launched in 2009 to promote the opening of Beijing's science and technology resources and promote synergy between Beijing and Tianjin. Since the launch of the platform, it has carried out useful explorations in the effective integration, open sharing and market-oriented services of scientific research facilities and instruments, scientific and technological talents, scientific and technological achievements and other scientific and technological resources. Up to now, the Capital Science and Technology Platform has promoted the open sharing of instruments and equipment in 908 national and Beijing-level key laboratories and engineering centers including the central and local units in the capital region, involving about 42,800 sets of instruments, worth 26.3 billion yuan. It has gathered 13601 experts and 166 high-end R&D teams.
As the main player of the capital technology platform, the launch of the Capital Science and Technology Innovation Voucher has far-reaching significance. The Capital Science and Technology Innovation Coupon was jointly established by the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It is mainly used to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurial teams in Beijing to purchase scientific and technological services from universities and research institutes during the process of carrying out innovative projects. It can be foreseen that the implementation of this policy tool will not only provide accurate assistance for small and micro enterprises in innovation and entrepreneurship, but also promote the process of sharing instruments and equipment between universities and research institutes.
Instrument sharing: work everywhere is developing rapidly
In fact, not only has Beijing's scientific and technological resources open and shared work been outstanding, but the instrument sharing work in other parts of the country has also achieved outstanding achievements. In recent years, instrument sharing platforms in Gansu Province and Sichuan Province have been born one after another, and the utilization efficiency of local science and technology resources has been continuously improved.
In 2018, the Gansu Provincial Scientific Instruments Collaborative and Shared Management Office went deep into major research institutes to carry out publicity and exchange of large-scale scientific research instruments and equipment to open and share policies, and encouraged institutions of higher learning and research institutes to actively invest in the open sharing of instruments and equipment. Up to now, the province's Dayi platform has 228 open sharing units, 2475 sets of large-scale scientific research equipment, and the original value of the instrument reached 1.683 billion yuan.
At the same time, Sichuan military and civilian integration of large scientific instruments sharing platform has also made significant progress. A large number of state-level scientific research institutes have gathered around Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, and the number of scientific research equipments is very impressive. However, the utilization rate of instruments and equipment is not too high, and the idleness of instruments is relatively common. Based on this, in January 2017, the Sichuan military-civilian integration large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform came into being. By the end of June 2018, the shared platform had been launched with more than 4,300 sets of large-scale instruments and equipment. The original value of the equipment reached 4 billion yuan, and 215 experts from various fields were gathered. The fields of expertise include materials science, applied chemistry, and instrumental analysis.
The sharing of instruments can realize the information intercommunication and overall utilization of instruments and equipment, and build a bridge of communication between the instrument resource holders and the demanders, which not only saves the cost for the innovation and development of many SMEs, but also helps to solve the research institutes. The problem of idle equipment is to promote the market-oriented services of scientific research talents and scientific research results, so as to realize the combination of production, study and research. At present, the instrument sharing work in many places in China is progressing steadily, and the instrument sharing platform is becoming more and more perfect. The instrument sharing work in China will usher in a better development prospect.