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Summary information:

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Product Description

I. Chemical name:



Second, the structure:


Three, quality specifications:

Item Appearance melting point Moisture Acid value
Metrics Light yellow powder 152-160℃ ≦0.10 ≦1.0mgkoH/g


Fourth, physical and chemical properties:

BMI is light yellow powder, non-polluting, soluble in toluene and acetone, insoluble in petroleum ether and water.


V. Downstream application and cooperation:

At high and low temperature (-200C~260℃), it gives the material outstanding mechanical electrical insulation, wear resistance, aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, high vacuum resistance and excellent adhesion. , Moisture and heat resistance and oil-free self-lubrication, it is an excellent modifier for a variety of polymer material rubbers, and can also be used as a cross-linking agent and coupling agent for other polymer compounds, especially in recent years. The batch application of the heat-resistant modifier in the oxygen glue reflects the excellent performance of the product. BM is an ideal resin matrix for the manufacture of heat-resistant structural materials, class H or class electrical insulating materials, and is widely used in aviation, aerospace structural materials, carbon fiber high-resistant parts, high-grade printed circuit boards and other functional materials; electrical insulation materials are resistant to high temperature Impregnation paint type and solvent-free type), enameled wire paint, laminates, weft-free tapes, mica tapes, electronic copper-clad plastics, epoxy-modified F-H grade powder coatings, castings; plastic strengthening modifiers, new Chemical agents; wear-resistant materials, diamond grinding wheels, magnetic materials and many other high-tech fields.


Six. Packaging:

PE bag lined with PE film, net weight 25kg/bag.