Changzhou Huadaming Chemical Co.,Ltd Got PCF Certification Of Antioxidant PANA

With the release and continuous promotion of carbon-neutral transformation strategies around the world, and the increasing greenhouse gas emissions, it has become a major challenge for sustainable development in the world.

Changzhou Huadaming Chemical Co.,Ltd., as a fine chemical manufacturer, has been cooperating with Shanghai Yi Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. since February 2024 ,In order to reduce carbon emissions and provide customers with green and low-carbon products. The carbon footprint of the company's core lubricant and rubber antioxidant PANA(N- phenyl -1- naphthylamine) was counted, verified and accounted, and the greenhouse gas emission path and amount of this product were clearly grasped, and feasible measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions were planned. After Good and effective communication was made with upstream raw material suppliers and downstream customers, and carbon footprint data were provided voluntarily, and a carbon footprint management system was established to jointly promote greenhouse gas emission reduction in the whole chain of product supply chain.