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PA CAS NO:90-30-2

Lubricating oil high temperature antioxidant
Fighter Lubricant Antioxidant
Aircraft lubricating oil antioxidant
Truck Lubricant Antioxidant

AD-F cas no.101-67-7

Neoprene special antioxidant

TMQ cas no.26780-96-1

Tire anti-aging agent

CD cas no.10081-67-1

Non-toxic, odorless, light-colored, non-polluting antioxidants, widely used in ACM, HNBR, AEM (VAMAC), NRR, EPDM and other general-purpose rubber.

PM cas no.3006-93-7

Sulfur-free vulcanization accelerator; a vulcanizing agent for peroxide systems; it can also be used as a scorch retarder for special rubber and rubber-plastic systems.

NS-6 cas no.119-47-1

The universal type of strongly hindered phenol-aldehyde antioxidant is non-polluting, non-toxic, non-staining, and has excellent protection against heat, oxygen and cracking aging. It is commonly used in white and brilliant rubber and plastic products.
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