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Development Path


In 1999

Set up Romho international trading co.,LTD

In 2000

In 2001

Set up changhzou huatong chemical co.,LTD

In 2004

Changhzou huadaming,changhzou xinxing huadaming RD project put into production

Establish china-japan joint venture Changzhou Xinxing Huadaming chemical industrial co.,LTD

In 2002

In 2012

“Changheng” trademark won the national well-known trademark; investment in heavy benzene project

With Japan ouchi-shinko emerging chemical joint venture Changzhou Huadaming chemical co.,LTD

In 1995

Establish huada chemical research center,got ISO9002 certificates,got UKAS certificates

In 1990

Changzhou Huada Chemical plant is established

In 2005

Establish Jiangsu huada chemical group co.,LTD

In 2006

Got ISO14001 certificates and province high technology certificates,take part in China-Germany EOCM project

In 2008

Production plant moved to jiangbian chemical zone

In 2013

The dog soda project was put into operation, and the solid waste incinerator was put into operation

In 2010

Establish Dafeng huada chemical co.,LTD

Development Path

Huada chemical

In 2017

Changzhou Huadaming indence resin project started

In 2018

Established Changzhou Huada Nanomaterials Science and Technology Co.,Ltd