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Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1990, Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group Co., Ltd.located in Changzhou binjiang Chemical zone,is a high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province,company products are mainly for the naphthalene series intermediates, rubber additives and other fine chemicals three categories,now owns naphthalene series products more than a dozen,"brand-name products in jiangsu province","China well-know trademark" and so on.Company gathered a variety of technical engineering staff,technical force is strong.Has passed the ISO14001 environment system,ISO9001 quality system certification,GB/T28001 occupational health system.
The company is strict in management, contracts and keeps promises, adheres to the technological innovation of old products and the development of new products, and achieves stable, sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the company. We are willing to cooperate with the knowledgeable people at home and abroad to advance hand in hand and develop together.


Management Concept

Huada is an army, strictly obeying unity; Huada is a school, lively and friendly; Huada is a family, intimate trust and warmth.


Business philosophy

Integrity-based, realistic and innovative, safe and environmentally friendly, harmonious development